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My artwork takes a celebratory view of people and their idiosyncrasies.  In my work, I take a close look at the small moments that reveal our dreams and wonderful weirdness.  

The most importand decision I make in a painting is subject matter.  I almost always use a photo reference, and I've amassed a vast collection of snapshots.  They range from silly to beautiful, and the best ones are both.  I aim to transport and inspire, and I find humor to be one of my best tools.

My method of painting is consistant.  I paint on wood panels, with acrylic paints.  I use an extremely restricted palette of just Hansa Yellow, Naphthol Red, Pthalo Blue, and Titanium White.  I always start with an orange undercoat, which you can see peeking through in every piece.  I begin every painting with a sketch in a blackish color, and this typically is still showing in the finished work.  My color range is dictated by my restricted choice of paints, and I love this, because it gives my entire body of work continuity.


Stylistically, I am most in awe of Edouard Manet's work.  His bold use of black, and graphic compositions are something I strive to emulate.  As far as mood inspiration, I can think of none better than Wayne Thiebaud, whose cakes I could admire all day.  Lastly, I must acknowledge the California Impressionists, who not only move me with images of my birthplace, but with colors that are rich and subtle at the same time.  A true inspiration.

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